The incredible tote bags collection of Bambouchic Paris

Bambouchic Paris is a house of tote bags, these famous canvas bags that are so practical. We all have canvas bags at home, and they have different uses: shopping bags, yoga bags, diaper bag, snack bag for the children, school bag. It is their large size and long handles worn on the shoulder, that make them so attractive. And, precisely, their size allows great freedom of printing. I work a lot on the patterns and funny quotes. It is important to offer patterns inspired from interior design, floral prints, drawings of birds to accompany your daily routine; it is also important for me me to create some funny phrases that will make your friends laugh!
And what is most interesting, perhaps, is the link that is made between my patterns and you, as it is that you will invent a specific use for the bag or make a special gift.
Feel free to contact me at contact(at) and follow the news, offers and drawings on !
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